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I'm a self taught digital artist and freelancer illustrator. 

I focus in illustration, concept art and character design.

I do a bit of watercolor paintings and animated layouts at times.

English/ Deutsch/ Italiano OK!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a storyline about you?

Yes, I always wanted to writhe one down.
Here it is: About me - strike a new path with PATREON

Are you self taught or did you study art?

I am a 100% self taught artist. Sadly here in my country are no such opportunities or schools to learn/study art or digital illustration. Unless you can pay extremely high costs for private art schools. I always wanted to move to another country like Germany and study game design or digital illustration for pursuing my dream as character designer. But thanks to two game directors I met and talked with in Anime conventions I figured out that one doesn't really need an art school to get hired in a art or game company if you can meet their level. In the end I decided to open a Patreon so I can keep doing what I love while being financially stable.

What program do you use for drawing and editing your videos?

For drawing, I use Clip Studio Paint Pro and sometimes Photoshop for final effects. For editing Videos, I use Filmora 8.

How long have you been drawing?

I started to draw since I can hold a pen. In my childhood I discovered my passion. I mostly drew animals and simple figures like pokémon and sonic characters on paper. It was 2008 as I discovered digital art, my passion and love in life.

What does inspire you for your art?

Japan, its culture, traditions and places. Also Nature itself especially plants and animals have always been my inspirations for my drawings. Cartoons and shortly later Animes have been my first inspirations and desire to start drawing. I wanted to draw these beautiful characters on my own. I was obsessed and drew every day and every free minute. Video Games have also been a huge influence on me, marking the focus of my drawings and the particular field of art I wish to pursue: Character Design for Games.

What kind of drawing tablets have you been using?

As I started drawing digitally in 2008, I first only used the track pad of my laptop for a long time. I can't tell how I had the nerves to draw like that. But it was fun to me and I didn't matter what tool I needed to use to draw. I just wanted to explore and learn more about digital art! Then I switched to my very first little tablet: wacom intuos manga pen and touch. I used it for almost 5 years. Later I saved money for a Cintiq 13 HD. It was my first screen drawing tablet and my world in art changed completely. Now, this year (2020) I was able to save up for the end boss: Wacom Cintiq 24 Pro and it's huge Ergo stand. I couldn't be happier now. I am sure I will be using it more than forever.

Can I use your characters for role play or my private stories?

No. My characters are for my personal use only. I would feel uncomfortable to see them in other stories, since they are very a personal part of me. I do not allow my art and characters to be used in any way.


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